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Elemental Landscapes, Inc. Services

Elemental Landscapes Landscape Design & Consultation

Landscape Design & Consultation

We offer complete design and consultation services for your property. An experienced staff will survey your site and create a freehand or autocad design with site specific plant selection suitable for your landscape. We will work with and guide “do it yourselfers” in the installation of planting beds.

Elemental Landscapes Planting Installation

Plant Installation

Elemental Landscapes, Inc. has CNLP’s (NY Certified Nursery & Landscape Professionals) on board who will properly install plant material within your home landscape. When designing your landscape, plant material is chosen based on soil conditions, hardiness, flowering, and overall seasonal interest. We are properly equipped to accommodate those interested in large tree installation. All newly installed plant material is guaranteed for one year beyond the date of installation.

Elemental Landscapes Planting Bed Maintenance

Planting Bed Maintenance

Proper plant care will help your established landscape continue to flourish. Unfortunately, many companies fly through a maintenance project without taking the time to consider the natural form and flowering time of plant material. Improper pruning can result in poor flowering and affect the overall health of the plants. With a strong background in horticulture, our staff of certified professionals will take the necessary time required to effectively manage your planting beds.

Elemental Landscapes Natural Stone Walls, Walkways & Patios

Natural Stone Walls, Walkways & Patios

Our staff of meticulous craftsmen will install any type of natural stone wall, walkway or patio that is suitable for your landscape. We specialize in dry stone wall construction and will work with you to create an outdoor living area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All walls, walkways and patios constructed by Elemental Landscapes, Inc. are backed by our five year craftsmanship guarantee.

Elemental Landscapes Maintenance

Segmental Block Walls

The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) provides the standard for segmental wall installation. Our staff is NCMA certified and we pride ourselves on the fact that we construct segmental block walls beyond all NCMA specifications. All segmental block walls constructed by Elemental Landscapes, Inc. are backed by our five year craftsmanship guarantee.

Elemental Landscapes nterlocking Paver Walkways & Patios

Interlocking Paver Walkways & Patios

The Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI) provides the standard for interlocking paver installation. Our staff of ICPI certified installers will transform your property into an outdoor living area that surpasses all ICPI construction specifications. All interlocking paver walkways and patios constructed by Elemental Landscapes, Inc. are backed by our five year craftsmanship guarantee.

Elemental Landscapes Cultured Stone Installation

Cultured Stone Installation

Our background in natural stone construction has made cultured stone installation a nice transition for us and provides a great way to offset the winter months. Using all of the same principles of natural stone construction, we are able to create magnificent indoor fireplaces, bars and foundation veneers. As always, our work is backed by our five year craftsmanship guarantee.

Elemental Landscapes Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Pits

Adding an outdoor kitchen or fire pit to your landscape will create a relaxing outdoor living area for your family and guests. Elemental Landscapes, Inc. offers premium design and craftsmanship to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. There are many custom styles to choose from at a variety of budget levels. Contact us to find out how to add these trendy elements to your landscape.

Elemental Landscapes Stoop Construction

Stoop Construction

The entrance to your residence should leave a positive impression on incoming guests. Many clients have an ordinary concrete stoop to accommodate an otherwise gorgeous house. Elemental Landscapes, Inc. has a system to mask this unattractive concrete with stone, creating an entirely new look. While constructing your walkway, our certified staff can create a stoop out of the same materials, unifying the design. New or old, we will create an entrance that will provide your residence with the presentation it deserves.

Elemental Landscapes Wood Construction

Wood Construction

Elemental Landscapes, Inc. will provide you with your building needs. We work closely with master carpenters to construct fencing, arbors, pergolas, garden sheds and gazebos within your landscape.

Elemental Landscapes Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

Waste water management is becoming more and more of a concern and has a direct impact on our residential customers. Elemental Landscapes, Inc. is properly equipped with the knowledge and machinery needed to fulfill all of your excavation and drainage needs.